Pheasant Hunt (Youth)

Supporting a tradition of family hunting, South Dakota sponsors a special five day hunt for kids ages 12 (by 12/31 of the current year) through 17, both resident and non-resident.   The hunt takes place before the regular season, usually opening on the first Saturday in October (10/6/2018 - 10/10/2018).   Only the kids hunt, but they must be chaperoned by an adult.

A great opportunity to get kids outdoors in a true 1 to 1 mentored hunting experience.  It’s all about the kids, letting them learn the skills and joys of hunting, with no competition from adults.  The weather in early October is usually very pleasant, and there are plenty of pheasants that have had no hunting pressure, so they hold well and offer plenty of shooting.

Click here for a link to SDG&F Youth Pheasant Hunt.

The hunt requires a Small Game License.  The fee for non-residents under age 16 is $10 plus $8 Agent Fee.  Non-residents ages 16 - 17 need a regular Non-resident Small Game License at $121 plus $8 Agent Fee.  Non-residents of all ages need to use one five day period for this hunt, leaving a second five day period that can be used for doves or regular season pheasant.

Standard package is 2 days hunting and 3 nights stay, including lodging, meals, guiding, dogs, bird cleaning and vacuum packaging, field transportation, and transportation to/from the Aberdeen airport.  Minimum group size is two adults and two kids.

*One adult and one child combined at (Please contact us for current pricing) 

*Add second child at (Please contact us for current pricing) 

At the end of the day, you and your kids can head out to one of the deer stands to enjoy a prairie sunset and watch the varied wildlife go on about their evening rituals.  Or, the kids can explore the barn .