Pheasant Hunt (Regular Season)

The autumn morning is pleasantly cool and sunny.  Cider holds rock solid on his point as a mature rooster explodes from the native prairie grass, cackling to show his displeasure for the intrusion.  Several shots ring out and Buddy the yellow lab brings the fallen rooster to hand.  “Nice shot” is acknowledged around the group.  So begins another season at Preacher’s Run Farm where we specialize in traditional small group pheasant hunting on all wild birds.

We have over 7,500 acres of prime hunting ground, but we limit our hunts to a single group of friends and family with only 5 -10 shooters.  There is no need for a group to cover the same ground twice, and the fields are well rested between hunts.  Coverts include creek bottoms, shelter belts, food plots of sorghum and millet, stripped corn fields, and native prairie grasses, all wisely managed to optimize bird populations and other wildlife.  We are located in one of the highest pheasant count areas of South Dakota, and hunters have more than enough opportunity for their limit of birds.

Click here for a link to SDG&F Pheasant population maps.

Click here for a link to SDG&F annual Pheasant Brood Survey Report (available late August for current year).

The season normally starts on the third weekend in October and runs to the first weekend in January (10/20/2018 -1/6/2019).  Despite the severe cold and significant snow which usually arrives around mid-November, the bird hunting remains spectacular throughout the season.  Unless you are dyed-in-the-wool, you will want to book this hunt during the first half the season.

This hunt requires only a Small Game License.  The fee for non-residents under age 16 is $10 plus $8 Agent Fee.  Non-residents ages 16 and older need a regular Non-resident Small Game License at $121 plus $8 Agent Fee.  Non-residents of all ages need to use one five day period for this hunt, leaving a second five day period that can be used for doves or regular season pheasant.

Click here for a link to SDG&F small game on line licensing.

Standard package is 3 days hunting, and 4 nights stay, including lodging, meals, guiding, high producing dogs, bird cleaning and vacuum packaging, field transportation, and transportation to/from the Aberdeen airport.

*Hunters 16 and older - (Please contact us for current pricing)

*Hunters under 16 - (Please contact us for current discounted pricing)