Dove Hunting

Dove hunts are a great opportunity to kick off the hunting season. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting cooler, and your trigger finger is starting to itch.  You are promised loads of fast, erratic flying dove, and plenty of shooting.

We have dozens of "honey holes" where dove love to congregate for both morning and evening shoots - water holes, stubble wheat fields, sunflower fields, millet fields, and tree rows.   It is great country for an afternoon walk along tree lines and shelter belts to flush the speedy birds from mid-day loafing cover.  Great, quick action!!

A great way to introduce kids to hunting.  The weather is mild, the guns are light weight, the ammo is low brass, and the shooting is non-stop.  You are set up for pass shooting, so you can easily instruct your kids on proper gun safety, leading the target, etc.

The season starts on September 1 and runs into November (9/1/2018 - 11/9/2018).  Limits are plentiful – 15 birds daily and 45 in possession.  Bear in mind that these are temperature sensitive birds that get fidgety when frost is in the air.  Book this hunt during the first three weeks of September.

It requires only an small game license.  For non-resident hunters of all ages, it will be one of the two five day periods available on the basic SD non-resident Small Game License, so come on back for pheasant hunting on your second five day season!  License fees for ages 16 and older are $121 plus $8 Agent Fee, for kids under 16 it is only $10 plus $8 Agent Fee.

Click here for a link to SDG&F hunting licenses.

Standard package is 3 days hunting, and 4 nights stay, including lodging, meals, guiding, dogs, bird cleaning and vacuum packaging, field transportation, as well as transportation to/from the Aberdeen airport if needed.

*Hunters 16 and older - (Please contact us for current pricing).

*Hunters under 16 - (Please contact us for current discounted pricing)