Trophy Whitetail Archery Hunt

The northwest wind has a cold edge.  You’ve been comfortably settled in the deer stand for over an hour.  Dawn is starting to break, painting the low cloud cover crimson, purple and orange.  Sunrise is still a ways off.  You feel it first – instinctively you know you’re not alone.  You think you hear a low grunt, but can’t be sure.  Moments later from the east tree line comes the unmistakable rattling of antlers as you spot two massive rutting bucks dueling over a prized doe.  Too far for a clean shot – what now?

There is no finer way to spend an autumn day than observing the pulse of mother nature while waiting for that lifetime buck.  Most people see an empty prairie and farm land, but you know it’s teeming with wildlife.  You watch as pheasants leave their evening roost to warm in the sun and feed voraciously on waste grain.  A lone coyote sneaks along the far fence line hoping for an easy meal.  Raccoons are working the creek bottom, fattening up before winter.  Waves of mallards, snows and blues, and honkers stream south all day trying to stay ahead of the snow.   Sand hill cranes circle at incredible altitudes riding the thermals, but their unmistakable call catches your focus.  And the deer are moving all day long - the rut is in full swing.

Preacher's Run Farm is located in the middle of the second highest antlered deer harvest area in South Dakota, with an annual harvest of 54-83 antlered deer per 100 square miles.  The harvest has seen a phenomenal 8% annual increase since 2000.  The area has a significant concentration of bucks scoring 150 or better Boone & Crocket.  We provide options for several fully enclosed elevated stands as well as traditional laddered tree stands and enclosed ground blinds.   

Click here for a link to SDG&F deer harvest maps – we are zone 26A

The firearm season typically opens to coincide with the peak of the rut, usually about the third full weekend in November and runs for two weeks (11/17/2018 -12/2/2018).  Archery season runs from late September until mid-January (9/22/2018 – 1/15/2019) with the period 1/1/2019 – 1/15/2019 antlerless only.  Muzzleloader season is December through mid-January (12/1/2018 - 1/15/2019) with the period 1/1/2019 – 1/15/2019 antlerless only.

Non-residents can begin applying for firearm “any deer” licenses (needed for firearm bucks) in mid-October (deadline 10/17/2018) after residents have had two resident only drawings.  The third drawing is open to both residents and non-residents.  Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for a non-resident to secure a firearm “any deer” license.  Non-resident firearm any deer license are $286, antlerless firearm licenses are readily available on-line for $80 each, or two for $120 and you may have an unlimited number of antlerless permits. 

Non-resident archery “any deer” licenses are readily available on-line beginning in July (deadline 8/15/2018) for $286.  You may have one additional antlerless license at $80.

Non-resident muzzleloader licenses are limited to antlerless only and are readily available on-line beginning in mid-July at $55 each, or two for $80 and are available through the season.

Click here for a link to SDG&F East River firearms, archery and muzzleloader deer licenses.

Standard package archery hunts are 4 days hunting and 5 nights stay including lodging, meals, field transportation, and transportation to/from the Aberdeen airport, however, the duration of the hunt is your option.  Contact us for pricing on your preferred time period, extended duration hunts, whitetail/pheasant combinations, muzzleloader, and firearm season, both “any deer” and antlerless.